Our Services

We Have Created Professional
Service For Our Customers!

We have provided professional services for our customers. A customer is a very big thing for a company so as for us, So it is our duty to make our customer happy and satisfy with KIIRUS .

We have alot the emloyees to take cake of our customers. If they have any query then they are just a query message or call away from KIIRUS.

Stocks Management

The stock in our company is always up to date. The buyer can get the stock whenever needed.

Transportation and Logistics

We Transport the material Accurately. In the local locations we send the product through the company vehicle, But outside Delhi the transporting is done by the courier.

Trusted Dealing

You can trust our company in the process of dealing. The billing done is proper and the delivery is 100% sure if the advance payment is done.

Bhawna Sharma
Marketing Manager

Her out of the box and matured thinking helps the company to make right decisions and to move forward to success.

Mohit Sharma
Executive Director

His sharp mind helps to find short and effective ways to improvise the quality of the products alongwith the overall factors.