Our Company

WHAT IS kiirus?
the company that deals in both two-wheeler and our-wheeler mats.

KIIRUS do not take risk if it comes to the quality of the product. The mats of two-wheeler and four-wheeler comes in a best quality so you can assure the person you are selling about the quality of the product.

If you wanna deal with quality then come to us...

KIIRUSĀ recently started this venture online so that everyone can reach to us. The work in the company is done with the perfection so that no one get the complain about the company as well as about the product. The manager manages the the work and sales manager manages the sales. There are so many customers which are happy with our service so we decided to reach more and more people.

KIIRUS is 25 years old company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spread the name of kiirus all over the world. We want that every company who deals in two-wheeler and four-wheeler knows about kiirus. We want to sell the quality to the cusotmer.


Our mission is to create jobs in the country. We want that anyone can buy the stock and sell forward. Everyone can earn money with us.


Review of people who deals with us.


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Rating of our product all over the country.

Bhawna Sharma
Marketing Manager

Her out of the box and matured thinking helps the company to make right decisions and to move forward to success.

Mohit Sharma
Executive Director

His sharp mind helps to find short and effective ways to improvise the quality of the products alongwith the overall factors.