We have been working in the field of Automobile Accessories for more than 25 years. We have the experience to make and run a die mould from scratch. Years of experience in this field enable us to provide OEM level quality in our products.

Our main objective now is to step outside our barriers and explore the world for new innovative ideas. We seek to reach more clients outside that are looking for quality work without any trouble.


To change the ongoing cycle of non quality products in the field and to provide the quality to our clients for a long term business plan. We make the relations between ourselves and our clients quite long lasting. Our Impact on the clients is the reason for our reputation in the field.

  • On time delivery of most products
  • Point to point interaction with our client
  • Quality well served according to the prices
  • Commitment to the client
  • Self monitored and self satisfactory production
  • Packaging to avoid any damage to the consignment
  • Easy tracking of the delivery
  • Open discussion to new items and innovations

In 2013 we started our journey with a long term goal of providing good quality auto accessories to the customers. We started with our most selling product “Scooty Footmats“.

In 2015 we have been already selling our Scooty Footmats in the local market with full scale production. We delivered approximately 15,000 footmats per week. We added newly launched mats as well.

After a great success of our “Scooty Footmats” project, we decided to start a new line of products in four wheelers also. We decided to manufacturer “Universal Car Footmats“. It took a whole year of experimentation to produce a top class quality that can compete with other imported Car Mats.

In 2017 we had approximately 40 different scooty’s footmats and 2 sizes (Big & Small) of “Universal Car Footmats” with top class quality around us. We perfectly produced a fully transparent footmat that doesn’t get pale in sunlight. We made our sale in different states as well as some neighboring countries.

As we ruled over the market for few years, new manufacturer and competition began to rise. So we focused on adding only high priority products and continued with our present products along with some other party jobworks.

In 2020 as the pandemic hit the whole world, whole market was drastically affected all over India. Sales were affected till fourth quarter of the year. This year was an awakening year for us.

After going through 2020 we decided to expand our catalogue with much greater speed and ideas. We decided to be a full fledged accessory store that can provide maximum number of products in 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler segment. We started with items like side biddings and number plate frames. We already had our catalogue increased from 2 products till upto 8 different kinds of products at the end of year.

And the journey is still going on…….

Our team has grown into a well experienced team by the time. We ensure to minimize the damages to any product and the reputation of the client as well as ourselves.

Director of the firm and the brain behind the success. He has been working for more than 25 years.

m 63

Main working executive in the name of firm. His creative and innovative mind helps to ensure the quality of the products.


Sales Manager of the firm to ensure the timely delivery of the products to the clients and to solve their query.